Princess Alexandra's 80th birthday


Wow! What a great way to celebrate Princess Alexandra’s upcoming 80th birthday with The Queen hosting a reception in her honour – marking all the excellent work the Princess does for so many charities.

As Alexandra Rose Charity is one of the Princess’s charities we were invited to the celebration at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening (29.11.16) and joined the throng weaving its way through the main gates opposite the Victoria Memorial, under an archway and into the magnificent square in the centre of the palace, an area largely hidden from public view.

It was humbling to meet such a wide ranging group of other people from all over the country who all work tirelessly for an astonishingly wide range of charities from music to goats! Princess Alexandra is no doubt kept busy by her charities but I doubt she’ll ever find a boring one!

However several, like Alexandra Rose, work for children and to improve health. In the small talk the surroundings and even the weather gave way to just one question each group asked the others: what does your charity do?

And those who asked Mike, Jonathan and myself about Alexandra Rose all seemed genuinely interested in the Rose Voucher scheme, the benefits to children and families the additional fruit and veg provide and the possibilities for social inclusion the scheme also creates as a result of young families meeting and chatting in the markets and in the children’s centres we work through.

Of course the highlight of the evening was the arrival of The Queen accompanied by Princess Alexandra, the Duchess of Wessex and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester into the magnificent Picture Gallery where the event was held.

Each member of the Royal Family took time to chat to people individually and in groups. They asked questions, showed considerable interest in the good causes and were enthusiastic about the commitment on show.

Between the three of us representing Alexandra Rose the message about what we do, why we do it and the benefits generated are know well known to those who live and work in Buckingham Palace and  to those in a much wider world beyond it!

Angela Anderson