Our Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project owes much of its existence to Gus Schumacher who spent his life dedicated to improving access to food for people around the world.

Through his work as a farmer, a senior government official, an international development professional and in his later years his involvement with the non-profit sector through his work as a founding board member of Wholesome Wave in the USA, Gus championed giving good food access to all.

In 2017 Gus sadly passed away, leaving a powerful legacy in the UK following a number of visits and meetings with the London Food Board and later with Alexandra Rose Charity, which established the first UK voucher system for fruit and veg, mirroring Gus’s Wholesome Wave model. 

In honour of Gus’s legacy in 2019 we plan to launch the first Gus Schumacher Award for Innovation in Public Markets in the UK. The award will recognise excellence amongst markets in the UK who are innovating to help low income communities to access healthy food. This could include the work of Rose Vouchers markets across the UK or other markets who are undertaking efforts to promote access to healthy food.

The winner will be announced at a major event at the 10thInternational Public Markets Conference to be held in London from the 6th – 8thJune 2019. Four finalists will be shortlisted to win free places at the conference in London plus accommodation.

As we are a small charity our secured funding goes towards the cost of our vouchers and core costs, therefore to run this award, we will need to fundraise to cover the costs of the conference places and the accommodation offer.

Those who donate to support this award will receive personal acknowledgement on the awards section of our website, with the top ten donors being thanked publicly at the award presentation at the conference.

Donations can be made online through our website, or via cheque.

Thank you for your support.