A Rose Mum for the last year, Lamratu has seen a huge improvement in her son’s health. They had suffered from bronchitis and were very lethargic, partly because she could not afford to buy any fruit and veg.

“My boys didn’t even know what fruit was before the Rose Vouchers because I couldn’t afford to buy any fruit or vegetables” says Lamratu.

Like Lamratu, 23% of parents in the UK worry about not having enough food for their family.

After receiving Rose Vouchers Lamratu gradually introduced her children to an increasing variety of fruit and veg. The dietician asked Lamratu “What are the boys eating? They are very strong!”. Lamratu believes that their progress has been helped out hugely because she can now afford fruit and veg.

"Now I am so happy because my boys are eating broccoli, cauliflower, okra, spinach. The lady at my market stall knows that I like spinach that I can cut so that it grows again and makes my money go further." 

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We want to help as many families as we can access a healthy diet.

Our Rose Vouchers are exchanged for fresh fruit and veg at participating street markets and community food retailers. Families like Lamratu’s pick up their vouchers from their children’s centre and take them to spend at their local market. They choose the fruit and veg that their families enjoy. We currently support nearly 1,000 families with our vouchers around the UK. By the end of 2019 we want this to be increased to over 1,500. 

A donation of only £3 is enough to provide fruit and veg for one child for one week; £20 will help one family for a month, and £240 will support a family for a year.

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Or you can text ROSE to 70660 to donate £3.

We are so proud that HelloFresh is supporting our mission by telling their customers about our work. If you can help through donating, or letting us tell you about future fundraising campaigns through our newsletters, following us and using #LamratusStory, you will be making a big difference to some of the most in need families in the UK. 

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