Exciting new programme with Bridging the Gap launches

We are hugely excited to see the Bridging the Gap programme launch last week, giving families receiving Rose Vouchers in Tower Hamlets access to organic fruit and veg at affordable prices.
Our Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project has for nearly 10 years provided families on low-incomes with weekly vouchers which are spent on fruit and veg, helping them to afford a healthy diet.
It is fantastic to be part of the Bridging the Gap programme, which is helping to provide further support to people on low-incomes by selling organic fruit and veg at the same price as conventional produce.

The new organic produce will reach families receiving Rose Vouchers in Tower Hamlets who already shop at these stalls and other customers who live locally.

The food co-ops at The Teviot Centre and Limehouse Town Hall now offer a range of organic fruit & veg to their customers at affordable prices, all provided by the Better Food Shed.

“Today we have launched a long awaited pilot, offering entirely organic produce. We opened at 11am and by midday we had nearly sold out! People could not believe the quality of the fruit and vegetables and we’ve had such an incredible reaction and enthusiasm.”

Melanie Sailsbury, project lead at Teviot Centre Food Co-op

The Bridging the Gap programme is led by Alexandra Rose Charity, Sustain and Growing Communities, in partnership with the Women’s Environment Network and Leaders in Community, with the goal of making healthy and sustainable food that’s good for people and the planet accessible to all.