Love Your Local Market 2024

We’re delighted to take part in NABMA’s annual Love Your Local Market campaign, highlighting the importance of markets in the local community.

Markets are central to our mission to give people access to fresh fruit and veg in their communities and are an essential part of both our Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project and Fruit & Veg on Prescription Project.  

With healthy food more than twice as expensive per calorie than less healthy food, affordability is a huge barrier for people on the lowest incomes to get enough fruit and veg into their diet. Markets provide fantastic ranges of fruit and veg often at far more affordable prices than supermarkets and offer culturally appropriate food to the communities they serve.

We work with 60 fantastic market traders and independent greengrocers around the UK who accept Rose Vouchers as payment for fruit & veg. With Rose Vouchers only available to be spent at these locations, our project helps to encourage regular trade and maintain local markets as sources of healthy, low-cost food.

“From humble beginnings thirteen years ago, Love Your Local Market has evolved into a global celebration of markets, uniting communities and fostering connections worldwide. This year, thousands of events will unfold within participating markets, underscoring the profound social significance of our beloved markets.

With the theme of ‘Celebrating Local Markets’ Love Your Local Market aims to elevate the profile of markets across the UK, fostering entrepreneurship and enhancing youth engagement. As we captivate consumers; hearts this year, we also aim to underscore the vital role of markets within local communities, urging people to cherish and support their local markets.”

David Preston, Chief Executive, NABMA

#LYLM2024 Friday 17th May – Saturday 1st June 2024