New traders join our project in Lambeth

We’ve had two new fruit and veg traders sign up to accept Rose Vouchers in Lambeth, a fantastic addition to our project for families receiving Rose Vouchers in the area. There are now an amazing 20 traders accepting Rose Vouchers across Lambeth and Southwark. The new traders are based in Streatham and Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo, joining traders at Brixton Market and West Norwood in accepting Rose Vouchers in exchange for fresh fruit and veg for families.

“I’ve had really positive feedback from the new trader so far, a lot of families were already buying from them, so it worked out really nicely. The fact that it is so much closer for a lot of families is going to have a real positive impact on them. Having a provision in Streatham, being such a large area of our engagement, is a great outcome, so thank you for arranging this!”

Senior Administrator at Streatham and Norwood Better Start Area

The Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project has been running in Lambeth since 2015 and currently provides Rose Vouchers to 449 families in the borough. To date, £164,422 worth of Rose Vouchers have been redeemed in Lambeth alone, all spent on fresh fruit and veg, supporting families to access a healthy and nutritious diet, as well as contributing to local economic vibrancy.

We’re so pleased to welcome the new traders to our project in Lambeth, it’s fantastic to be able to provide more choice for families in the area about where they can spend their vouchers. The feedback about the new traders has been very positive, reducing the distance many families need to travel to buy the fruit and veg they need and enabling more families to access the project.

Hannah Dakin

Project Co-ordinator, Alexandra Rose Charity