One family’s historic connection to Alexandra Rose Charity

Tina Read shares a wonderful story of her family’s historic connection to Alexandra Rose Charity with a fantastic link to our current mission of helping families afford to buy fresh fruit & veg.

Photograph believed to have been taken in Covent Garden, showing Tina’s grandparents and her mother being presented to the Lord Mayor.

“When I heard the words Alexandra Rose while listening to a podcast I suddenly became alert! My grandfather, Percy met my grandmother, Ethel, when she was selling Alexandra Roses. Family history relates that he bought all her roses in order to persuade her to go out with him.

Percy eventually went on to run a chain of fruit and veg shops in the North West. He became chairman of the Retail Fruit Trade Federation, and had a room at the old Covent Garden Market named after him!

You can imagine my delight at hearing about the work you are doing today. My grandparents would be proud of such a scheme.”