Our response to the Budget 2024

We’re relieved to see the extension of the Household Support Fund for another six months in the budget today and glad that the government has listened to concerned voices from the sector that its removal would leave many more people facing hardship and food poverty. However, six months is still only a stopgap. Families will still be facing a crisis in October, so we urge the government to start planning now for a sustainable long-term solution.

Alexandra Rose Charity also believes the chancellor has missed a golden opportunity to support thousands of young families across the country by leaving the value of Healthy Start at the same level it’s been at since April 2021. Meanwhile, the cost of food has surged by over 25% during this period, leaving families with less money to put food on their table and support the healthy development of their children. The Healthy Start scheme is such a simple way of supporting healthy eating in the early years. With recent evidence showing just how important good nutrition in the early years is for setting children up to succeed, this missed opportunity will mean that future generations are less healthy and have shorter lives than their parents. In the UK in 2024, such an oversight should be a national outcry.

Jonathan Pauling

Chief Executive
Alexandra Rose Charity