Partnership launch with HelloFresh

We are teaming up with HelloFresh to help provide fruit and veg for families on low incomes who struggle to afford it.

This new partnership will alert HelloFresh’s customers to our work and our Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project. The campaign also demonstrates HelloFresh’s mission to help families eat more veg with every meal. Telling the story of one Rose Voucher mum, Lamratu, HelloFresh are helping to spread our charity’s mission across the UK.

“Before I started receiving Rose Vouchers my boys didn’t even know what fruit was because I couldn’t afford to buy any fruit or vegetables” says Lamratu. A Rose Voucher Mum for the last year, Lamratu has seen a huge improvement in her sons’ health. They had suffered from bronchitis and were very lethargic, partly because she could not afford to buy any fruit and veg.

After receiving Rose Vouchers from her Hackney Children’s Centre, Lamratu gradually introduced her children to an increasing variety of fruit and veg. The dietician asked Lamratu “What are the boys eating? They are very strong!”. Lamratu believes that their progress has been helped out hugely because she can now afford fruit and veg.

“We are delighted to be supporting Alexandra Rose Charity. Using fresh, quality ingredients are central to our great-tasting recipes and we want to help ensure that every family includes more fresh fruit and veg into their diets – something that Alexandra Rose helps families to achieve every day”.

Andre Dupin

Head Chef, HelloFresh

“We are grateful that HelloFresh have given their considerable weight to support our charity’s mission. 23% of parents in the UK worry about not having enough money to feed their families. At ARC we want to help families on low incomes who struggle to provide fresh fruit and veg for their children. Partnering with HelloFresh means thousands more people are learning about our work and how they can help us fund vouchers so we can reach even more families in need.”

Jonathan Pauling

Chief Executive, Alexandra Rose Charity

The campaign will run in HelloFresh boxes during the week 23rd– 29th March 2019. For £20 off your first HelloFresh box you can use the code EVENTS10.