Rose Vouchers launch in Glasgow!

Glasgow fruit and veg delivery

[Photo credit: Glasgow Times]

We are thrilled to have launched our Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project in Glasgow, to support families to access fresh fruit and vegetables in their community.

The Rose Vouchers project is supported by Glasgow City Council and Glasgow based Community Food Activist, David Cairns, and works in partnership with West of Scotland Housing Association, Thriving Places, and Church House Bridgeton. Thriving Places and Church House have already begun distributing Rose Vouchers to families on low-incomes in the Calton area. To date 55 families have received Rose Vouchers and been able to spend them straight away on fruit and veg for their family.

One mum who has been receiving the fruit and veg boxes since Christmas shared how the vouchers are already having an impact; “I don’t feel guilty anymore. Having to sacrifice something just to get them fruit was hard.”

David Cairns has been at the heart of bringing Rose Vouchers to Glasgow, helping to adapt the project to work for Glasgow’s needs, through the introduction of a fruit and veg box delivery scheme with Bridgeton delivery company Firm Banana. His goal is clear; “we want to get young children in the habits of eating [fruit and veg] regularly and rather than it being a one-off or a treat, it’s something they have naturally.”

Jonathan Pauling, CEO Alexandra Rose Charity; “We’re thrilled that the project is now up and running in Glasgow and supporting families at this particularly difficult time. We know access to healthy food is a daily struggle for many families and this has only been made more difficult by the pandemic. We hope the project can help address some of these challenges but also support the development of a healthy and sustainable food system in the City. We want to see more fruit and veg available in more areas, and more market stalls and independent retailers popping up across the City. Part of the long term solution to food poverty is to develop a healthier and more diverse food economy where good food is accessible to all the residents of Glasgow regardless of income.”

Thanks to the Glasgow Times for their coverage of our launch.