Stop Hunger Foundation partner with Alexandra Rose Charity to support Rose Vouchers Project

We’re delighted to announce support from Stop Hunger for the second time, with another generous donation of £5,000.

Stop Hunger is now a worldwide Sodexo initiative active in more than 40 countries. Through the initiative, they donate time, skills and money to tackle hunger, support good nutrition and promote life skills in local communities. In the UK and Ireland, the Stop Hunger Foundation is a grant giving organisation, with a vision to work with very best charities that exist to:

  • Tackle hunger and malnutrition
  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Develop life skills such as cooking

The need for our Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg has sadly never been greater as more families struggle to afford the food they need, due to lost income as a result of job loss or childcare issues, and access to their support networks and services diminishing. This has left many families unable to make vital healthy food choices.

“This has been an enormously difficult year for families on low incomes to provide healthy meal options for their children. Our Rose Vouchers give families the spending power to be able to shop locally for fresh fruit and veg of their choice, something which is more important than ever. We are very grateful that Sodexo, through their Stop Hunger initiative, have again chosen to support our work and help us give more families access to fresh fruit and veg in their communities.”

Jonathan Pauling

Chief Executive, Alexandra Rose Charity

A big thank you to all Sodexo employees who fundraise and volunteer tirelessly for the Foundation and make gifts like this one possible. This is a fantastic donation will enable families in Liverpool and Hammersmith and Fulham to access fresh fruit and veg during the tough year ahead.