A Rose Voucher Journey in Glasgow

“The Rose Vouchers are very helpful, the staff from Church House are very generous and try to involve all the families, so they know about the vouchers.  

My kids go to Church House for their activities. I found out about Rose Vouchers there over a year ago when the vouchers first came here. 

I have five children, from 1 to 11 years old. They like oranges, apples and bananas. Before we had Rose Vouchers, we didn’t buy all the fruit we wanted in one week but spread it out, so one week we’d buy apples and oranges, then the next week we’d buy something different. Now we have the vouchers we can buy the fruit and veg we want all at the same time. Nowadays, my kids can eat oranges whenever they want. 

We spend the vouchers in Bridgeton. It’s good at the market and supermarket; my wife enjoys doing the shopping there. We use them to make a variety of meals at home, with rice, couscous, and soups and salads.”