Connor Fruit & Veg in Glasgow

Gerry Connor, from Connor Fruit & Veg shares his experiences of being involved in bringing the Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project to Glasgow.

“It’s a terrific gesture for the people of Glasgow, bringing Rose Vouchers to the city to help people get fresh fruit and veg; it’s so important. I wanted to be part of the project to give something back. David Cairns first told me about the idea, and I take my hat off to him; he got the project over the line here. I’ve been involved from the start in Glasgow.

The Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project makes you sit up. Alexandra Rose Charity is doing such important work. I see the vouchers making a difference; people need it.

Families come down with their vouchers to my shop that I wouldn’t usually see. It’s a full cross-section of the community, and they’re happy to be able to buy what they need. People can sometimes be quite isolated, but having Rose Vouchers to spend encourages people to come out of their houses. Whatever the weather, they’ll come.

When I go out on my deliveries, I prioritise the families with Rose Vouchers. You see the children’s faces; you know how happy they are to get fruit and veg. For me, Rose Vouchers are always top of the list. I could go on all day about the positives of this project. It’s breaking down barriers and helping so many people. Rose Vouchers are giving people a support network. This is the first charity I’ve really been involved with, and I can’t speak highly enough about the Rose Vouchers project. It’s a wonderful idea, and I hope it continues and expands in Glasgow.”