How Rose Vouchers are helping Manel’s family

“To be honest, Rose Vouchers make a big difference. I found myself buying more fruit and veg. It’s really made a difference in what my children are eating. I’ve just come from Ridley Road market and bought some veg for our dinner.

I personally never enjoyed vegetables, but having Rose Vouchers has encouraged me more to get fruit and veg for my children and so I’ve started making more meals out of that. I always make pancakes for them, I used to use sugar, but now I use bananas, which I buy each week at the market with my Rose Vouchers.

It’s great that you can spend your Rose Vouchers at the market, as some fruit in the supermarket is really expensive, but at the market, I can afford to buy it. It means I can give my children the expensive fruit and veg I wouldn’t otherwise afford, like strawberries and raspberries.

The rising prices of everything has affected me. My husband is disabled, I’m currently studying, and I have two young children. All my benefits go to bills. Food is a struggle.

I want to say thank you to everyone involved with the Rose Vouchers. I’m really grateful. I know they make a difference to other families I see too. Having the fruit and veg we want makes me and my family happy.”