How Rose Vouchers help a family in Hackney

“On my first day visiting the children’s centre, a key worker told me about Rose Vouchers. I saw a lot of parents using the vouchers and thought I’d have a try as I hadn’t heard about it before.

I go to Dalston market or Hoxton with my vouchers. It’s nice to have different options of where I can spend them. It’s so easy to shop with Rose Vouchers; lots of people accept them at their stalls. It is difficult, though, with the prices going up. Onions used to be £1.50 and are now more like £5, though sometimes you can get a bowl for less.

Rose Vouchers have given me more confidence to buy different fruit and veg to try. I’ve ended up buying a juicer so my kids can use it to make fresh juice. Now my kids have more fruit; they make orange juice and love strawberries and bananas.

I like to make my own tomato sauce with onions, peppers, tomatoes, and garlic. I also make a vegetable and lamb curry with aubergine and courgettes, which lasts me two days.

Rose Vouchers just make life a little bit easier. I didn’t know about the vouchers with my older children. I’m on a benefit cap, and when my rent goes high, I’m £200 down. Sometimes, you’re left without a choice. Until I find a job, I will still be budgeting and struggling. So far, the vouchers have been great. I know that if I run out of money, I’ve got the Rose Vouchers and can get through and make some simple meals for my kids.

I take the kids to the market, and they can choose what they want with the vouchers. The good thing about Rose Vouchers is because they’re only for fruit and veg you, I know they’ll be getting that intake of fruit and veg in their diet.”