How Rose Vouchers help Abduselam’s family

“One of my friends told me about the Rose Vouchers at Church House. She said I can go there to get support and take my daughter to playgroup. We started going to activities at Church House and getting the Rose Vouchers, and it really helps us financially. They’re very good at Church House. They’re like part of my family now.

Living conditions have become very difficult since the pandemic, so everything helps. Sometimes I get enough money to live on from my job, and sometimes I don’t.

The Rose Vouchers are helping. I was getting eight vouchers per week, it’s good. We just had our third child a few weeks ago, so we will get some extra vouchers now to help. The vouchers usually last us for a few days. When you are struggling to get enough income, anything you can get will help you.

My kids, they like berries, like strawberries and raspberries. I use my Rose Vouchers to buy these, as strawberries can be expensive. Sometimes, they sell them very expensive at £3.50, so I use my vouchers up on fruit mostly and struggle to buy all the vegetables I want. Sometimes I buy potatoes and onions with my own money. I try my best to get everything my family needs.

The market is good for me, and not far to go. They open the market on the same day we pick up the vouchers, so after I drop my daughter at nursery, I go to Church House, pick up my vouchers and spend them straight away at the market.

I want to say I appreciate everything that you do. You’ve taken some pressure off families with low incomes. It’s a good job you’re doing.

I see that the vouchers are helping the people. Everyone takes their Rose Vouchers and goes straight to the market. I see in front of my eyes it’s helping.”