How Rose Vouchers help Abeer’s family

“With the current crisis, Rose Vouchers are making a big difference. Having the vouchers means we use less money from our pocket to buy fruit and veg, which really takes the pressure off our budget.

Things are getting really, really difficult; everything is getting so expensive. I have two daughters, aged 2 and 3 years old. If there is anything I want to say, it’s thank you so much. We were looking for someone to help us, and Rose Vouchers have really helped us.

My friend introduced me to Rose Vouchers. We’ve been able to buy lots of different fruit and veg, and the whole family are now eating healthily. My daughters never used to like broccoli and cucumber, but now they’ve started liking it.

With Rose Vouchers, we now have less food waste. Fruit and veg from the supermarket can go off in a couple of days, but the produce at the market shop is good quality and lasts longer. My daughters love the pears and grapes from the market; they taste better than the ones from other shops. We can get the fruit and veg we need from the market with our Rose Vouchers.”