How Rose Vouchers help Ada’s family

“I lost my job during the first lockdown due to Covid. I was on maternity leave and worked in tourism. I was so grateful to find out about the Rose Vouchers from my children’s centre. I was really surprised that you get the vouchers for more than a year.

Because of the Rose Vouchers, I have been able to keep buying the vegetables and fruit we need. It benefits the whole family as we all eat the same. The vouchers are very helpful for me, especially since I had my second child and he’s started weaning. Every day I prepare fresh food for the children.

I shop at North End Road Market and the quality of the fruit and veg is very good. I really enjoy going there. I go once every two weeks and buy what I need for the next two weeks, as the market is quite far from me. I always plan what to buy first. If you go with a plan, you just buy what you need.

At the market one bowl of vegetables can cost one pound. I buy a lot with the vouchers. My husband is always surprised how much I can get with the vouchers.

I don’t buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarket anymore. Now I know North End Road Market is there, and the quality is good, I buy everything from the market. I’m from Albania and mostly eat a Mediterranean diet. With the Rose Vouchers I can choose what I want.

Even for making food for the baby, the vouchers are very helpful. He’s only seven months but is trying different food. My daughter is a bit fussy, so I use the blender to make sauces and milkshakes for her. It really helps the children learn about fruit and vegetables.

I’m very very grateful for the Rose Vouchers. I was struggling with my redundancy, and this helps me a lot. I can find the vegetables I want for my children, and they are very good quality. This makes a big difference to me.”