How Rose Vouchers help Alicia’s family

“I get all my fruit and veg from Chrisp Street Market; it’s close to me and easy to get to. Obviously, you want to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, and with Rose Vouchers, I’m able to get what I need for my son.

Before I had Rose Vouchers, I never really went to the market, but now I go all the time with my son. He’s three years old and can choose what he wants to eat when we’re out shopping. Seeing all the fruit and veg at the market out on display is inspiring and helps encourage us to try different things.

I have been struggling recently and needed to use the foodbank. I feel like Rose Vouchers really help my life be easier. Those little things, like £4 a week just for fruit and veg, are actually big things, and I’m very grateful.

Rose Vouchers have also freed up some money for me to buy other things I need, so we’re not missing out on those things too, especially with the cost-of-living crisis and everything being so expensive.

I’m so glad I saw the sign at the children’s centre saying help was available for fruit and veg. I was getting Healthy Start vouchers at the time, but there was a problem when this changed to the digital card, and I didn’t get them for six months. Rose Vouchers helped see us through this time, as I could still go to the market and get what I needed with Rose Vouchers.

Keep the Rose Vouchers going; they are really helping families.”