How Rose Vouchers help Amal’s family

“The market is good, but the amount you can buy with your money is decreasing as the cost of everything goes up. Rose Vouchers are helping us to buy what we need, though it’s still not enough. When I buy something like mushrooms, I used to get more, and now I get less.

Rose Vouchers are helping us. I was pregnant with my daughter when I first went to the children’s centre to register for the vouchers. My daughter is now three years old. It is very hard at the moment. My husband had cancer and passed away four weeks ago. We need all the support we can get.

Rose Vouchers are giving us more variety in the fruit and veg I buy from the market. It’s ok shopping at the market. More than one shop takes Rose Vouchers, so if I can’t get something like broccoli from one person, I can go to another. The shops have Rose Voucher signs too, which helps me know where I can spend them.

I usually make different soups with mushrooms and aubergine. I buy carrots and apples to make juice. My daughter really likes this juice every day. Some days I can get asparagus too.”