How Rose Vouchers help Aneta’s family

“It’s so tight with money at the moment; I’m not expecting things for free, but when I first heard I could get Rose Vouchers, I didn’t think it was true.

It started with a box of fruit and veg delivered to my door during all the covid restrictions, which was very handy. It was a comfort to have the fruit and veg there.

Now I collect my Rose Vouchers and walk to the shop to spend them. It’s not very far away, about a 10-15 minute walk, so it’s easy for me to shop there.

I was actually already using this shop before I got Rose Vouchers, so I knew what the quality and prices were like and what to expect. I can pick something different with my Rose Vouchers rather than just potatoes and buy what I need. The quality and choice of the fruit and veg is fantastic. I’m so, so pleased with the quality.

I make more soups now it’s colder. With two young kids, I want to pack in the most veg I can for each meal. Everything has got so expensive. I have more fruit and veg thanks to the Rose Vouchers.”