How Rose Vouchers help Danielle’s family

“I went to my local children’s centre to sign my son up to the groups at the centre and was told about Rose Vouchers. Now I collect my Rose Vouchers every week and go straight to the fruit & veg van.

Having Rose Vouchers has given us better variety in our diet and helped us eat more healthily. Rather than giving the baby sugary snacks, I can offer him fruit. It’s brilliant that he’ll sit in his highchair for half an hour and eat everything.

My baby loves trying different fruit; we’ve got raspberries this week to try. Rose Vouchers are making a big difference in the food we’re buying. When I was buying my fruit from the supermarket, I would just buy oranges, apples and bananas, but on the van, there’s loads of variety to choose from and always something to try.

I also like to get the basics like potatoes, carrots and spring onions every week. If you’ve got potatoes, you can make a meal. My son loves potato and carrot mash.

Rose Vouchers are a godsend. They’re absolutely brilliant.”