How Rose Vouchers help Elina’s family

“Having the Rose Vouchers is really helping us a lot to save money. I have three children, and we mostly use our vouchers to buy the fruit my children like, such as apples, pears and strawberries, as well as veg. We buy anything extra we need with cash.

When shopping with our Rose Vouchers, we can buy more food for our family. Having the vouchers is a big thing. The Rose Vouchers help us. We can’t buy as much fruit and veg in the supermarket as it’s expensive, but we can get more at the market using Rose Vouchers. Having the Rose Vouchers allows us to get the fruit and veg we need.

I’ve been receiving Rose Vouchers for about five years. I collect them from the children’s centre every Friday, and then my husband usually goes straight to the market. He’ll normally spend all the Rose Vouchers in one go.

I’ve been going to the children’s centre for many years, first going there with my oldest daughter for stay-and-play and cooking sessions, and over the years, I’ve done different courses there too.

The whole family loves fruit. We often use the Rose Vouchers to buy fruit that our older children can take as a snack to their after-school clubs. The Rose Vouchers are helping. We’re very happy to have them.”