How Rose Vouchers help Eniola’s family

“I’ve been getting Rose Vouchers every week for about five years. As soon as I get the vouchers, I quickly rush down to Dalston market and get the fresh fruit and veg I need. It’s really helping my kids.

We eat veg a lot; we know it’s good for the kids. My kids love spinach, apples and kiwi. I like to be able to include fruit in the packed school lunches for my older children. Rose Vouchers help me to afford this fruit and veg. Sometimes I’ll be broke, but then I’ll get my vouchers and quickly go to the market. I like to buy fresh plantain and spinach. Rose Vouchers help my family. They go a long way.

The prices at the market are not bad. It’s better than at the supermarket. There are lots of shops that take Rose Vouchers, so they are very easy to spend. I’m so glad to have them. I can buy more fruit and veg now. I really appreciate it.”