How Rose Vouchers help Fatima’s family

“Now I have my Rose Vouchers; I tell my child we can go to the market on Tuesday and have new fruit and veg to try. She’s three and very excited to choose what she wants. She said, “I got strawberries, I got strawberries!” last time we went shopping.  

At the market, I give my daughter a Rose Voucher and the chance to pick what she likes. We can’t do that at the supermarket as everything is so expensive. I have to decide what we can get.

My daughter likes to take Rose Vouchers to the lady to pay. She’s learning what to eat and what to buy. When the vouchers are spent, we have to go. We can come again when we have new vouchers.

I feel happy to get Rose Vouchers. I used to go to friends and family and see different fruit they had that we couldn’t get, but now we can buy them. My daughter is so happy to have new fruit and veg to try. She’s calming down too as she can get what she needs. She’s tried mango now and says, “Mummy, this is so nice”.

My children needed new winter coats. Without the Rose Vouchers, it would have taken me more time to save for their coats, but now I’ve been able to buy them coats already, and I’m so grateful. It’s really saved me.

We use the vouchers for the whole family and mostly make different soups and pasta. Chicken is expensive, so I buy more veg instead. Everything at the market is so fresh. I was excited and my mum was excited too.

With the Rose Vouchers, we can get everything we want.”