How Rose Vouchers help Fatima’s family

“It’s not easy right now. I had to give up my work and my husband isn’t around. It’s really challenging because I have to live off benefits which I’m not used to. I’ve got to budget for everything and I have to count every penny. I shop around for deals which really helps.  

My electric bill has gone up, and I just recently tried to change the tariff, but they told me that they can’t guarantee the price. 

Rose Vouchers are a blessing. I don’t have to worry about being able to afford fruit and veg. Having Rose Vouchers means I have that burden taken away from me and I can just concentrate on everything else. Now that I can’t work because of my health, I don’t have as much money as I had before. Rose Vouchers mean I can put healthy food on the table. They are benefitting so many people. 

My children have food allergies, and I have to be so careful with what I’m buying. I want to go for the cheapest food but then I’m thinking what is in the ingredients, will it be ok for my children? Myself, I wanted to cut out gluten from my diet, but gluten-free food is so expensive, so I can’t do that anymore. 

At the market I can spend my vouchers on the Caribbean food I want, it really makes a difference. I’m lucky I have really friendly neighbours who sometimes cook for me and my children to help us. 

I always tell the staff at the children’s centre I really appreciate the Rose Vouchers.”