How Rose Vouchers help Fatima’s family

“I’ve been on maternity leave, so anything that supports us during this time is really helpful. There are not a lot of places that offer support with fruit and veg. With three young children, I can’t go to the supermarket at the end of the day when items are being marked down as it’s too late. I’m so grateful I came across Rose Vouchers.

Before we had the Rose Vouchers, we might get some apples and bananas, but now I can confidently say I can allow the kids to have fruit and veg every day. It’s not something I have to worry about now; I don’t have to take things off the shopping list. We’re all eating more fruit and veg.

My children are really good eaters. I’m vegan, so we eat a lot of plant-based food. I want my children to keep eating healthily.

Even the staff at my son’s nursery tell me how he eats all his veg and can name the different veg. He’ll pretend to cook and name the different food when he’s playing. I want to prepare my children for the future, to be aware of different types of food and what’s good for them.

I go to the market with my Rose Vouchers and pick up a selection of fruit and veg for the week. I can top up at the end of the week if we need extra. The market stall has a good selection of good quality fruit and veg. I’ve been very pleased with what I’ve got. Berries are so expensive, but in the market, they’re cheaper, it’s £1 for a packet. I like to make smoothies and banana cake with the kids.

Having Rose Vouchers has put me at ease. Not having to worry about supplying the fruit and veg to my family, it’s a weight lifted off my shoulders. The food I’m feeding my family now is how I wanted to feed my family earlier in the year but wasn’t in the position to. With Rose Vouchers, I can give my children a healthy diet without worry.

Seeing my children happy to eat a variety of fruit and veg, coming into the kitchen and choosing the fruit and veg they want, makes me happy.”