How Rose Vouchers help Jeanine’s family

“I’ve been collecting my Rose Vouchers every week for nearly three years. I first started getting them for my daughter and now also have them for my son, who’s 5 months old.

Having Rose Vouchers has definitely made a difference; I don’t think our fruit intake would be this high if we didn’t have the vouchers. Without the vouchers, I’d just buy the staples, like oranges and bananas, but now I can buy a bigger variety, including blueberries, which I wouldn’t have thought to try before.

The Rose Vouchers have improved the whole family’s diet. Before I had my daughter, I wouldn’t have tried as many different fruits and veg, but now, I eat them with my daughter to encourage her to try them too.

I often go for seasonal fruit and veg when available at the market. What I usually buy can change depending on what my daughter likes at that moment. My daughter likes lots of veg, especially broccoli and sweetcorn. She prefers vegetables over meat, so I try to offer her a good range. I like to cook pasta and make different sauces at home, always including veg.

I’m starting baby-led weaning for my son soon, and the Rose Vouchers will help me get healthy finger food for him to try.”