How Rose Vouchers help Joyce’s family

“Rose Vouchers encourage me to always buy fruit, which I didn’t do much before I had the vouchers. It’s unusual for us not to have fruit at home now. My children love all of it. Rather than giving them sweets after school, I can give them fruit. Without the Rose Vouchers, they can quite easily miss out on that.

My three-year-old has had more exposure to fruit than my seven-year-old, as we had the Rose Vouchers from when she was younger. Between Rose Vouchers and Healthy Start, I can have a fabulous selection of fruit and veg for meals.

I can make a whole meal out of Rose Vouchers. I like that they give me enough for my family. Sometimes I have some food over to save for the next week. We’re so grateful.

I’m also buying more vegetables and making the vouchers stretch. I get lots of veg at the market. I make tomato salsa, so when money is tight, the kids can have that with pasta. I also make a green seasoning from fresh herbs, which I freeze and use to season dishes.

I didn’t used to go to the market, but since I’ve had Rose Vouchers, I go up and down East Street Market and know who to get different fruit and veg from. It’s nice I can choose from a variety.

I can pick up a watermelon for about £1 at East Street, whereas it’s more like £3 in the supermarket. They have seasonal fruit at the market too, such as cherries. So, we’re not missing out on what’s in season.

For people on a low income, Rose Vouchers mean you can still feed your kids. It’s a lifeline.”