How Rose Vouchers help Kareen’s family

“My health visitor told me about Rose Vouchers, and then my family support worker at the children’s centre mentioned them to me too. I go to the children’s centre for lots of different support services, which is helpful as I don’t have to travel too far.

I have four children, so the Rose Vouchers really help. I’m happy I can get fresh fruit and veg with the Rose Vouchers and make fresh meals. Normally when I pick up my vouchers, I go straight to the market at Dalston. My kids love the Rose Vouchers. I give my kids two Rose Vouchers each, and they say, “Mum, can I get oranges?” and with the vouchers, they can go and buy them.

There’s a shop at the market that sells Caribbean food, which has everything we need. The kids love oranges and watermelon. They love shopping with the Rose Vouchers. It’s all healthy food. The traders at the shop see the vouchers as money, it’s not a problem to use them.

Having the Rose Vouchers means I can buy the food I want, like Caribbean sweet potato. I can buy more fresh veg and fruit, and I’m able to spend more on quality food. The food I get at the market lasts much longer than the food I buy at the supermarket. I don’t need to go anywhere else, just the market.

I just think it’s a really brilliant project. Rose Vouchers really help with buying fruit and veg. With four children buying all the fruit and veg we need costs a lot of money, and having a baby, I need to get soft foods too. I really appreciate having Rose Vouchers.”