How Rose Vouchers help Karen’s family

“The fruit & veg deliveries were great, especially during lockdowns when it was hard to get fruit and veg.

I collect my Rose Vouchers now. I prefer choosing my own fruit and veg. That way, I spend the vouchers on what I make the most. My kids aren’t fussy eaters and they like having fruit for snacks.

The market has loads of fruit and veg, and it’s always fresh. Prices have now risen to a point where I wouldn’t be able to afford the amount of fruit and veg we need without Rose Vouchers. I’m on a really tight budget; I just want to thank you.

My 4-month-old baby will be able to have fresh homemade meals too, when they start weaning, instead of relying on jars of baby food which are so expensive.

I don’t feel guilty anymore as I’m giving my kids a healthy and fresh meal every day. I’m cooking from scratch now rather than just heating food up. My daughter now takes homemade soup in a flask to school for lunch.”