How Rose Vouchers help Kirshar’s family

“It’s only been a month since I started getting Rose Vouchers, and they are already making a difference.

I have two toddlers, and they love fruit, especially apples, grapes and bananas. I’m on benefits, and my money doesn’t stretch to buy healthy food. Before I had Rose Vouchers, the only way I could get some vegetables was to buy the frozen packs at the supermarket, but even those have gotten so expensive. Now I can buy fresh fruit and veg from the market, and when we run out, I can buy more with my Rose Vouchers.

I was shocked when I realised I could also use the Rose Vouchers for vegetables. Now, I’m buying potatoes, yams and more cultural vegetables to make the meals I want for my family. The kids get bored of rice and kidney beans, always having the same things; thanks to the Rose Vouchers, I can get them something else to try. The vouchers have given me more flexibility with what I cook, and they’ve really taken the pressure off me.

Shopping at the market is a new thing for me. I find what I need there. I go for one thing, and then something else catches my eye. I love how versatile the Rose Vouchers are; I always have them on me to get what we need. The long expiry date on the vouchers, which gives you over a month to use them, is very family-friendly. It gives you time to spend the vouchers, which means you always have them when you need them.”