How Rose Vouchers help Laura’s family

“I collect my Rose Vouchers every two weeks, so I have two weeks’ worth in one go. I find that the vouchers are very good. As all of us know, even £1 today matters.

It’s a difficult situation. I have nothing left over from Universal Credit after paying for the rent and bills. The Rose Vouchers help a lot. I take my vouchers to the market and buy some veggies and fruit to give my children. My youngest child is three years old.

I usually get cabbage, broccoli, and green beans and make soup and veggie sides for dishes. To get enough fruit for three children, you can imagine, you need a lot. I split the vouchers to get vegetables for 2-3 meals, then spend the rest on fruit.

To be honest, it’s difficult. I’m going to the food bank, and they usually give you lots of cans, like baked beans and tinned carrots, but I don’t have vegetables for cooking. The Rose Vouchers mean I can buy fresh food.

I’ve been through a very bad situation with the war. The children’s centre has helped me with clothing for my children, benefits, and food. I never in my life, found support like that. The project they’ve made, called the Family Project, it looks like a family. If they weren’t there for me, I don’t know how it would be.”