How Rose Vouchers help Leeanne’s family

“My little girl, she loves her fruit. I’m trying to introduce her to more vegetables. I take her to the market, and she’ll pick up what she wants to eat and use the Rose Vouchers to buy it. She’ll ask me every week, ‘Mum, have you got my vouchers?’ She’s loving her sweetcorn at the moment.

If my daughter’s poorly and can’t go to the market, I save the vouchers up, so when she’s better, she can go back with all the vouchers and buy everything she wants to try with them.

I’ve been collecting the vouchers for nearly three years. I used to get vouchers for both children, but my son is now at school, so I have the vouchers for my daughter. I was told the Rose Vouchers would be really helpful for the kids, and they are. My son loves his vegetables. My daughter loves her strawberries and raspberries and, recently cherries as well.

It does save to shop at the market. It’s cheaper than the supermarket, and the greengrocer does have a lot of stuff there. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, he’ll get it in for you the next week. Recently, there weren’t any cherries there, and when I asked, he said don’t worry, I’ll have some for you next time, and he did.”