How Rose Vouchers help Leeanne’s family

“I found out about Rose Vouchers from Nicola at Church House about a year ago. Before having the vouchers my children didn’t eat fruit, but now I have fruit in the fruit bowl. 

I used to put fruit in my son’s school bag but every time he came home it was still in there in his bag, so I didn’t want to keep buying it and it is wasted. 

My youngest loves strawberries which we get from the market with my vouchers. Seeing his sister eating fruit has encouraged my son to eat more too. 

I’m now buying more fruit than I would have before. They have a good variety of fruit and vegetables at the market and it’s nice and quiet to shop there. It’s been really good using my Rose Vouchers during the pandemic. 

I collect my vouchers on a Friday and usually go round to the market on a Friday too. I buy the fruit I need for the week. I mostly buy strawberries and raspberries for my children and add them to their nursery and school bags. 

When my vouchers run out my little one will ask “can I get fruit?” as she wants more. My daughter prefers the fresher fruit from the market rather than the supermarket.”