How Rose Vouchers help Leyla’s family

“I’ve collected my Rose Vouchers every week for the last two years for my daughter, and now I’ve had my baby, I collect my vouchers for my baby too. My friends help me and pick up my vouchers for me when I can’t get to the children’s centre.

I found out about Rose Vouchers thanks to my neighbour, who was going to the children’s centre and told me about the services there. I started going to the play sessions with my daughter on a Friday and was told about Rose Vouchers.

I’m happy about having Rose Vouchers because fruit and veg are really good for our diet. I shop with my vouchers at Dalston Market. I can get what I need there to make the fresh Turkish meals I want to make. I don’t like to give my children processed foods, we don’t go out to eat, I want to make them our own food.

I make a fresh meal every day using Rose Vouchers to buy aubergines, courgettes and onions, broccoli and cauliflower. I make soups and buy fresh fish and meat.

The Rose Vouchers work because everything is getting expensive. I have a newborn baby and another young child and can’t work at the moment. I breastfed my daughter, and I’m breastfeeding my baby now, too. Having Rose Vouchers helps me to get the healthy food we need as it’s so difficult to buy lots of fruit and veg.

It’s a great idea to help poor families. I’m very happy to have the Rose Vouchers and the support from the children’s centre. There is a big Turkish community at the centre, and if I have any problems, I can talk it through with them.”