How Rose Vouchers help Louise’s family

“Because I have the Rose Vouchers, I can buy more fruit and veg. I found out about the vouchers through the Jubilee children’s centre, we go to the baby group there every week. 

Having the Rose Vouchers is so, so helpful. With the vouchers I know I can buy the veg I need. 

The prices at the supermarket are shocking and everything has gone up, butter has gone up by 50p! The vouchers have helped me save money, It means I have money to go and get more bits like fish fingers and meat. I know it’s important to give my son healthy food. 

I’m happy shopping at the market. I go to West Norwood, they know me at the stalls now. I usually buy broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes and bananas. I save my vouchers and go every couple of weeks. 

I try and eat what my son eats, so we have meals like sausage and mash, with broccoli, peppers and onions. Being able to buy blueberries has helped with weaning, I put them on my son’s porridge. He loves fruit and veg. I do try with him all different fruit and vegetables.  

I’m really grateful for your charity, it’s just absolutely brilliant.”