How Rose Vouchers help Maira’s family

“My daughter was eight months old when we first started getting the Rose Vouchers. She was weaning, and I was finding it hard to buy the fruit and veg I needed for her as it’s very expensive.

I feel that now that I have my Rose Vouchers, I can buy fruit and veg that I wouldn’t usually be able to buy, for example, avocados. My daughter loves avocados, but they cost a lot of money. With the Rose Vouchers, I can buy avocados for her.

I’m lucky my daughter likes fruit and veg. I usually use fruit for snacks and vegetables for soups and main meals.

I go to the children’s centre weekly to collect my Rose Vouchers. I found out about Masbro Children’s Centre through a social worker telling me about their services. It was here I was told I could get Rose Vouchers. I also go to the stay-and-play sessions at the centre with my daughter and I did a parenting course they were running. The family support worker there is really helpful.

I try to go to the market in the morning with my Rose Vouchers, as there is more fresh veg at this time of day and a wider choice. It’s cheaper than the supermarket too. I’m happy to have the opportunity to have the Rose Vouchers.”