How Rose Vouchers help Mary’s family

“Rose Vouchers are just for fruit and veg, so they make you try something new and include more fruit and veg in your diet.

My son is two years old and likes tropical fruits such as mangos. The cost-of-living crisis has affected what I can afford to eat. I make sure my son has what he needs, but I go without. Before I had Rose Vouchers, I was spending £7 a week on fruit for my son with nothing left over to spend on veg. Financially having the Rose Vouchers has given me more options with what fruit and veg I can buy. They’ve also freed up money so I can do more things with my son, like taking him to soft play at our local playgroup.

I spend my Rose Vouchers at Chrisp Market. I now have a reason to go to the market regularly as I have my Rose Vouchers. The stalls at the market offer a good range of fruit and veg, and the Rose Voucher banners are very visible, so I know where I can spend them, and no explanations are needed. They have Asian and African vegetables available; I can get the majority of what I need at the market.

It was nice I was able to get guava the other day at the market, something that I can’t usually find, and give it to my son to try. We’ve also now tried lychees. With our Rose Vouchers, I have the option to buy more unusual fruit and veg that I wouldn’t usually risk trying.

It wasn’t a long process to sign up for the Rose Vouchers, as I was already registered at the children’s centre. I could even pick the vouchers up the same day! I think it’s great that there’s no limit on how many vouchers you can spend in one go, as sometimes I like to spend all my vouchers together and freeze the fruit and veg to use when I need them.

Rose Vouchers are great and are really helping families.”