How Rose Vouchers help Maxine’s family

“It’s been a nightmare. I’ve got to make sure I budget down to a T. My kids can’t have special treats at the end of the week like we used to. That’s the reality, it’s so sad, it’s the children that suffer the most. 

I have three children aged seven and five years old, and a 2-month-old baby. I’ve been going to the Jubilee children’s centre for a few years with my older children and now to a mummy and baby group each week. The staff there told me about Rose Vouchers. I’ve been getting Rose Vouchers for about 5 months since I was pregnant with my youngest. 

The Rose Vouchers are making a difference. They free up money so I can pay other bills and sometimes I do get some tropical fruit, to have something different. 

My children love fruit, especially strawberries. I always try and have the house filled with fruit. I use my Rose Vouchers at Brixton Market. There’s a good choice there of veg and tropical fruit.”