How Rose Vouchers help Moira’s family

“It’s a great service we’re getting from you. I get the Rose Vouchers for my grandson and granddaughter. I bulk up the vouchers to save them and buy more in one go. The guy at the market is nice, but the prices have gone up and up. I do appreciate getting the vouchers, as they really do help.

My granddaughter likes strawberries, bananas, all the fruit! I’ll buy a punnet of strawberries and blueberries with the vouchers for her to enjoy. She also loves to do baking with her mum. Her mum does lots of batch cooking, so nothing goes to waste.

Every penny is important, and we appreciate everything with the rising costs. The vouchers certainly make a difference.

I make a lot of soup, like scotch broth. I come from a family of 10 and we were taught at an early age how to cook. My mum was an amazing cook. She taught all of us. We watched her make a big pot of soup full of vegetables. Everything goes in the pot. Now, I’m teaching my grandchildren how to cook. I make the vegetables into shapes, like dinosaurs, with lots of colours. It’s good to teach them young. My wee grandson makes wraps and adds all the salad and some chicken; it’s really good.”