How Rose Vouchers help Moira’s family

“My granddaughter has just turned one and eats everything. It’s so good to watch her try so many things. She loves fruit. I make nice fruit salads for my grandson too. He doesn’t like it as much as his sister, but I put fruit in his packed lunch for school. 

I really appreciate the Rose Vouchers, I need to make them go as far as possible. I get my vegetables from the van. We go through a lot of carrots as I make homemade soups, usually minestrone and big pots of scotch broth. It’s especially good in the cold weather. 

I spend a lot of time at Church House. Today I’m going this afternoon with my grandchildren for a drama class, they love it. It’s really nice for them to play with other children, express their feelings and use their imagination. As long as they have fun, I’m happy. At the class they also provide big piles of fruit and veg, homemade soup and bread, it’s amazing! 

When I go to collect my vouchers, it’s welcoming, a real community. Everybody knows each other. We do a cookery class, where all the kids play together, we cook, then all sit down to eat together. In one class we made vegetable pakoras which my granddaughter loved and a blended vegetable curry which was great for my grandson as you wouldn’t know how much veg was in it. 

It’s a real benefit having the vouchers and to see the children trying a good variety of fruit and veg.”