How Rose Vouchers help Olivia’s family

“I found out about Rose Vouchers from Fulham Children’s Centre. They told me it was a project to help families eat more fruit and veg. I’ve had the vouchers since my oldest was a baby. He’s now four. I still use the children’s centre and take my youngest to play sessions there. The workers at the centre tell me about all the different things going on. 

Rose Vouchers have definitely made a difference to us. My second child loves fruit and I think that’s due to Rose Vouchers. Without the vouchers, we wouldn’t be able to have fruit as often as we do. I like shopping at North End Road Market as there’s a good choice of places to spend the vouchers. I can get the fruit and veg I want. 

I like to buy in bulk because I’m trying to give my children more veg like spinach, broccoli and carrots. Before Rose Vouchers, they just had cucumber. Now they’ve tried broccoli a few times, and they like it too. Rose Vouchers have really helped with that. 

I like that you can even use the vouchers in different areas; sometimes, I spend them in southeast London too.” 

A donation of £26 would allow a family like Olivia’s to buy the fruit and veg they need for a month.

Through the Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project, we help to increase access to fruit and veg by giving families the spending power to be able to make healthier food choices.