How Rose Vouchers help Rezaul’s family

“I use my Rose Vouchers at Dalston market. They’re really good. The traders are helpful and friendly. Having Rose Vouchers is helping us a lot, as we have been having some issues with being unable to work due to our immigration status.

The prices have increased at the market; some bowls that used to be £1 are now £1.50. Strawberries and tomatoes, they are all more expensive now. Sometimes the traders give me an extra tomato with the Rose Vouchers.

My children mostly eat fruit. They like blueberries, strawberries and bananas the most. They also like broccoli which I buy with my Rose Vouchers. I’m able to make the meals I want with the vouchers. We usually have dinners of veg curries, rice and pasta. The Rose Vouchers are very helpful to buy the fruit and veg we need.”