How Rose Vouchers help Rumana’s family

“I have two children, a two year old and four year old. My kids really like fruit and veg. My son will only eat his Weetabix in the morning if he can have a banana on it. And my daughter loves watermelon and strawberries. Just this morning, I have been to the market to buy her some watermelon with my Rose Vouchers.

I have been collecting my Rose Vouchers for about five months. Sometimes when I’m out shopping with my kids, if they want something from a shop that doesn’t take Rose Vouchers, then we can’t buy it. Rose Vouchers are so helpful. I’m really happy to have them.

I’m from Bangladesh and always try to buy fish when I can for dinner. Any money I can save using Rose Vouchers helps me afford fish and milk for my children. That’s making a big difference for our family.”