How Rose Vouchers help Sham’s family

“Last week, we got our energy bill, and it’s tripled in price. I understand it will go up again. Our internet bill and rent have gone up as well. It’s really frustrating. We’re living on just my husband’s salary as there’s an issue with my maternity allowance. 

I spoke to a coordinator at the children’s centre and said I was struggling financially, and she recommended Rose Vouchers. 

Having the Rose Vouchers has absolutely made a difference to me. I have a 9-month-old son and now I can offer him fruit and veg I wouldn’t have thought to try before. We have more fruit and veg in the house now, and the money I’ve saved using the Rose Vouchers has gone towards other essentials, like nappies. 

As the vouchers are given out weekly, it’s helping me go through what we have in the fridge, forcing me to make proper meals to make sure I don’t waste anything. Now I can plan meals and see what I have and what I don’t, and if there’s a surplus of anything, I use it and freeze it, which saves me time later. 

The traders at Streatham are very helpful and very accommodating, and very well stocked. So far, my experience has been really good. I’m really happy that there is this service. I’m very lucky to be in this borough.”