How Rose Vouchers help Stephanie’s family

I used to get a delivery box with different fruit and veg with my Rose Vouchers, which started during lockdown. My kids would come in and see the box had been delivered and tuck right in. They absolutely loved it.

It’s now changed where we collect our Rose Vouchers from Thriving Places at Barrowfield instead and shop at the market. When I went down to get my vouchers, I got a few leaflets about what was going on at Thriving Places that I could take my daughter to.

My kid’s nursery is nearby, so it’s easy for me to go to the market. It’s good to be able to pick what we need with the Rose Vouchers and choose what fruit and veg we prefer.

Soup is always a favourite in this house. We make lots of different homemade soups, like lentil soup and leek soup. My daughter is lactose intolerant, so getting extra fruit and veg to give her the calcium she needs is really good.

My kids like to have fruit with their breakfast, and I give them apples and oranges as snacks and with meals as pudding. I often make fruit salad snack boxes too.

Rose Vouchers mean I have more fruit and veg than I would have had.

A lot of my neighbours also get Rose Vouchers. It’s good to see a lot of people get them. I’m very happy to have the Rose Vouchers.”