How Rose Vouchers help Zoe’s family

“I’d never heard of Rose Vouchers before, then I went on maternity leave and started going to the Family Hubs. I asked if any financial support was available and was introduced to Rose Vouchers. I filled out the form on Thursday and picked up my first vouchers the next day. That was two years ago, and I’ve been getting the vouchers ever since. First for my daughter, who is two years old and now for my 10-month-old son too.  

Having the vouchers makes a big difference to our food shop. I get £10 a week in vouchers, which for us is like getting fruit & veg for free. For £10 a week, you’re getting a bag full of fruit and veg.

I tend to plan what we will have for our meals, making things with what we’ve got left over. I don’t waste as much now as I can just buy what I need at the market rather than big bags of vegetables. I find the fruit and veg from the market lasts longer than those from the supermarket.

I walk into town to Barnsley Market and have found a fruit and veg stall there that I really like and go to most weeks. On one of the stalls, they sell stew bags, where you can buy all the ingredients for a stew for between £1 – £1.50. They also do fruit baskets. It’s really good value for money.

I do like to try to have at least one vegetable in each meal. When shopping at the market, it’s nice to see what’s available, such as a courgette, and think about what I can make with that. Having the Rose Vouchers has given us more variety, with my children able to try different fruit and veg I wouldn’t have thought to buy before.

The Rose Vouchers have been very helpful, especially as I’m currently on maternity leave and not earning as much right now. We’ve also just started weaning my son, so the vouchers are particularly helpful now that he’s eating more. He’s tried lots of fruit and veg and really likes what he’s tried so far.”