How Rose Vouchers help Daisy’s family

“My daughter was one year old when we saw the Health Visitor. We were in lockdown, and I was having some troublesome times while finding it really stressful on universal credit. She put me on to Healthy Start vouchers and a family support group who told me about Rose Vouchers.  

The Rose Vouchers have been a huge help. I’ve always worked, never been on benefits and didn’t know where to ask for help. With Rose Vouchers and Healthy Start vouchers combined, I have around £30 a month that I can spend on fruit and veg. 

I spend roughly £12-15 at the market for a full fruit and veg shop every two weeks. There’s lots of choice at the market and quite a few market stalls where I can use the Rose Vouchers. There’s one stall where I can use Healthy Start and Rose Vouchers, so I usually go to him. 

I’m a very strict planner. I have to budget very well. I can get fresh fruit and veg that my daughter likes with the vouchers, like oranges and grapes. I can buy blueberries for my daughter to try, and even if she doesn’t eat them, it’s not wasted money as it’s not coming out of my budget. 

I’ve recently bought a Pinch of Nom cookbook as a treat to myself. I’ve never used courgettes and spinach before, carrots, onions mushrooms are what I’m used to, but now I can buy a lot more and try new things. Cooking is my escape now.”