How Rose Vouchers helped Esther’s family

“It’s such a positive shopping experience using the fruit & veg van. It’s become a habit for me now to take my granddaughter to collect our Rose Vouchers and have a play at the Children’s Centre, then go to the van where she chooses what she wants. Bananas are her favourite, though she’ll try anything. It’s a nice routine for us; we make a day of it.

I can see the difference now she’s started at playgroup, she’ll eat whatever they give her, and the staff tell me that she’s a good eater too. I think it’s because we’ve been able to keep offering her different fruit and veg to try thanks to the vouchers.

The vouchers are brilliant and really help the people who need them. Our Children’s Centre recommended us Rose Vouchers as we were already receiving different vouchers for vitamins. That was when the baby was about 18 months old, and she’s two and a half now. It was really good, we filled the form in one week and got our Rose Vouchers the next.

With the vouchers, I’ll pick up vegetables and make a stew or lentil soup. The baby loves carrots. It’s really nice she can have the vouchers. It makes a big difference, just knowing they’re there when you need it.

The strawberries this year were lovely on the van, it’s nice to see what’s in season and get that. It’s really good that my granddaughter can see something she wants and buy it. I’m so grateful for the vouchers. I’d like to thank you all, I really appreciate it.”